Amanda's Massage



Amanda Chapman

Owner and licensed massage therapist

Amanda Chapman began her journey into massage after suffering multiple injuries and concussions from an active lifestyle. In anguish and frustrated with not getting relief from traditional approaches she turned to massage as a course of therapy and comfort.  With easement of the chronic pain, tension and overall unpleasantness; Amanda made it her passion to study the art of massage and how she could use it to help others.  She completed her studies at the top of her class from the Seacoast Career School in Manchester, NH with nearly a thousand hours of hands-on training.  Since 2006 she has been licensed in the State of New Hampshire and has also maintained a good standing membership with Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals organization.

On her off time Amanda enjoys working out, bicycling and running.  She is a native of New Hampshire, where she currently resides, but has traveled extensively throughout the United States exploring her passion of the great outdoors.  When not focusing on helping her clients she can be found enjoying time with her family and hiking throughout the State with her four legged friend Kylie. Whomare both working on completing all of their 4,000 footers. Amanda is lover of nature and learned to appreciate the simpler things in life after successfully through hiking the 2,184 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 2000.

Amanda’s is passionate to her discipline and continues to learn new therapies and techniques to create the perfect client experience.